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About TRS
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  1. The Racing School provides NASCAR racing fans and thrill seekers with a unique chance to sit behind the wheel and drive a real NASCAR Type racecar.
  2. Who wouldn't love to drive a 560-plus horsepower racecar at a NASCAR sanctioned Racetrack!
  3. The Racing School is a driving experience of a lifetime. Check out our schedule and reserve your space at The Racing School today!
  4. The Racing School will provide you with classroom instruction on how to drive a real racecar and then you can take the wheel.
  5. Check out ALL The Racing School Packages!     Race Track Packages
  6. The Racing School provides the best value in the driving experience industry, By Far!
  7. The Racing School promises to never forget that driving a racecar just simply a BLAST! Whether it's your first time or forty-first time, you can't help but feel the excitement each time you're behind the wheel.
  8. DVD option of your time on the track!


The Racing School gives you professional, personal attention, top-notch instruction and lots of driving time. Our students typically drive more than at other schools offering similar programs, equipment and tracks.

You can take any racing program. The vast majority of students are first-timers, so you'll fit right in. No special skills are required to take a class other than the ability to operate a manual transmission.

Classes begin with a 45 minute Drivers Meeting that covers instruction in driving techniques, safety procedures and everything else necessary to prepare you. The meeting begins with a narrated van ride around the track to show you the racing line and other track features and ends in the classroom. Then it's straight to your car! A crewmember buckles you in, checks your radio, and gives the thumbs up sign to your Instructor. You'll start your engine, hear that V8 roar, and pull onto the track!

All track time in minutes is guaranteed.
Lap counts are a very accurate estimate, but will vary based on track configuration and driver ability.


All drivers must be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license (be sure to bring it to the track) to experience the thrill of driving a NASCAR racecar. If you're a thrill seeker and would like to go for a ride-along or side-by-side with one of our pros, you must be at least 12 years of age. Purchases are transferable but not refundable.


For your protection, we offer insurance coverage for $70.00 that covers damage to the racecar, subject to a $1,500.00 deductible.

Reservations & Refunds:

All Packages are scheduled by appointment only. Less than 30 days of your scheduled date, the rescheduling fee is 50% of your original cost. More than 30 days of your scheduled date, the fee to reschedule is $50. Due to scheduling and track commitments, cancellations and rescheduling are not allowed within 7 days of your scheduled date. In the event of inclement weather, The Racing School will reschedule you at no additional cost. We reserve the right to cancel any classes due to lack of participation. In this event, The Racing School will reschedule you to a date and track of your choice. All rescheduled dates must be made within one year of your original scheduled date. n.


All of our classes start on the hour with small classes, no waiting for a racecar. You'll start with a ten-page handout and a one-hour orientation in a classroom setting. 

Now it is on to pit road for your driving suits and helmet. We'll pick a racecar, buckle you in and you'll get the command to fire engines. After those 560 horses roar to life you'll proceed onto the track.

Then the command to go green will be given.  As you can see the green flag racing conditions can be anywhere from five minutes to two hours, depending on your budget and goals. Our larger packages are broken down into ten minute on track sessions.


You'll get more driving for your money at The Racing School, often 50 to 100% more than at other racing schools.

Here's our promise to you. Please read carefully:

  • You'll have a guaranteed amount of driving time. With multiple cars on the track, we prefer the simplicity and accuracy of this method to keeping track of your laps. It also helps your class stay on schedule for the convenience of you and your guests.
  • We've listed the number of laps that a typical student will complete in the time allowed. Shorter tracks usually allow more laps to be driven in a given amount of time than longer tracks. The number of laps you drive will depend on your speed, the length of the track and the lesson plan.
  • Longer classes give you more driving time or more advanced training for the money - a volume discount!