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This experience was amazing!!!  Since it was the first time we just bought the ride along, but after experiencing it we want to come back next year and actually drive the car.  We will be going back to the Racing School... 

Steve Locke

Great Experience!  Everyone was very friendly and highly professional!  Al's must be one of your bucket list to do's. Can't wait to go back!  Oh, the ride along before you drive is a must!  Have a pro really show you how fast these cars are and how good they can push them. 

Robert Kurtz

The experience was beyond wonderful.  We plan on going back again.  Everyone that works there was very friendly, knowledgeable and loved what they do.  The environment was excellent.  

Toshiba Williams

We just returned from our racing experience at Thompson and I cant say enough good things!!!! The whole experience was incredible from the time we arrived right until we left. The people were so friendly and accommodating. The atmosphere was fun and exciting. We met so many nice people from all over the place. We cant wait to return and do it again!!I Had a blast yesterday!  What made it even better was the way the staff treated us. 

Thanks again,
Joelle Clock

You guys are true professionals and it shows that everyone enjoys what they're doing.  
It was worth the 7 1/2 hours of round trip driving. ;)


My Brother, John, and I raced yesterday at Thompson and we had an AMAZING time!!  Your entire team was fantastic - very friendly, knowledgeable and available to answer questions.  And, of course, the experience of driving a racecar was priceless!!  

Thank you for such a memorable event... we will be back (I need a chance to lap my brother next time)!



I just want to tell you want an enjoyable, fun day I had at the Milwaukee Mile on Saturday, being passenger in a Nascar,, it was a gift from my co-workers,, and what a gift,, Everyone was so nice and helpful... I felt like a winner...... Got to go now and watch the race,,,,

-Kathy Bazinski

I just finished my racing experience and I must say it was very enjoyable. I was treated very professionally by all the staff. I had a great time chatting with the local hires. It was very exuberating to say the least being able to drive the well prepared race car. Simply put, I had a great time. The pictures turned out really good.Looking forward to seeing the in car dvd. Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know.

-Larry Wenzler

I just wanted to drop you a note saying I had one of the best experiences of my life at your july 16th Cal Speedway event. Maybe Im a fairly simple person but this was the 2nd most memorable experience of my life coming 2nd to the birth of my daughter. Thank You!Hi I just wanted to thank you for a great time at seekonk speedway Saturday.The ride along with Cory was great.Do you have a deal on driving in a race in September?

-Ken Price

I just wanted to say thank you for the hospitality that you and your group extended to my family. My wife thoroughly enjoyed passing the men in her group, and my boys could not get the smile off their face after getting out of the car in a ride along. Mike made a new best friend with our 12 year old, he was unsure about doing the ride along so Mike let him ride in the van to see what it would be like; and that sold Kyle on getting in the car!! It is Monday morning and he is still smiling from Friday, he even made friends in the pits with your guys. Your guys let him help change a tire in the garage, he was able to start the lug nuts on the rim; I am not sure what he liked best the car or changing the tire J.

Rick, I know Phil (I Bowl with him on Tuesdays) is in Virginia now and helps you guys out while you are in town; I would love to help you guys out when you are in Bristol or at Virginia tracks during the year. I would volunteer my time to help you guys out; my boys just love being at the track which is where we are every weekend anyways J I am not sure if this is a crazy suggestion but I wanted to ask you anyways.

Thanks again, Rick!!!

It was so great to meet all of you! It is always fun to put an actual person with a voice :). Just wanted to send over a quick note to say "thanks". We had the BEST time on Saturday driving with you guys. You, Cory and Mike made all the difference...we can't wait to come back and do it all again. Also, please let me know when you guys will be back out there. I would LOVE to clear my schedule to help out wherever I can...I'll bring homemade cookies if that helps :). Or if not, I may have to come out and do another ride along or something...just let me know. Thanks again for everything, hope to see you all soon!


Kathy Ruriani

Hi There,

I took part in the 20 lap school on Sat 16th Feb as USA Int’l Speedway in Lakeland.

I just wanted to say that I had a great time and was very impressed with the entire day. From the quality (and very good shape) of equipment (helmets, racing suits, cars) to the excellent pre-racing class, the entire day was extremely well organized and enjoyable for myself and my fiance who joined me as my personal photographer.

Your staff are all very friendly and accommodating and I can’t think of anything you could do better to make the day better.

It was really something that I will never forget and will recommend to all of my friends and family. I am from South Africa, living in the States, and will definitely take my family racing instead of Disney World when they come to visit next time.

Alex Papadopulos

Many thanks for a wonderful experience at RIR. The pre-race training was a perfect length and depth. It prepared me very well to understand and be ready for my live time on the track. As a friend of NASCAR team owner Junie Donlavey (Dick Trickle with Heilig Meyers sponsorship was probably his last really popular driver), I have loaded/unloaded his show cars in recent years, but I’ve never had the opportunity to drive a car at RIR.

Thanks again for your FAST CARS, attention to safety, friendliness of the staff and overall EXCELLENT experience!
J.J Taylor

On behalf of Iain Barber and myself (CaseyTyer), we want to thank you for a great Friday (Aug 4th) in Richmond. We look forward to coming back in September to complete our session. I plan to bring my son and wife for a ride along. This was a wonderful experience. Its refreshing to see people enjoying their work, you and your team are professional, courteous, and friendly. Impressive!!! See ya soon.

Thank You ALL,
Casey Tyer
Iain Barber

We had a great time yesterday afternoon at NHIS. The weather was perfect while we were there (12noon -2pm). I think next time I'll do the ride along, just to get more of a feel for how much speed the cars can carry through the corners - that's where both my brother and I were perhaps a bit timid - especially after someone bounced your #9 car off the wall right in front of the "orientation booth".

We all had a good laugh about the "Omar the tent maker" suit I wore, but I'm glad you had it...I guess I'm built more like a Jimmy Spencer than these young drivers back flips off the roof from me! It was really a blast to drive those cars...please pass along our thanks to all involved there at The Racing School!

Thanks again, Bill & Ken Abbott

I had a real nice time in New Smyrna. Al, John, Scotty and the others made the day real nice.

Thanks for the help I will be bringing my crew up real soon


Just a qucik note to say thank you so much for the awesome weekend we had. Clark and even Mike The Weasel lol are still talking about it. Clark has a grin from ear to ear every time someone asks him how it was. He said that was the best birthday gift he has ever gotten and I owe that to you. Clark showed the guys at work pictures, so now they all want to do this so dont be surprised if u get a few emails or calls from Pittsburgh. I told them they should plan one together and all go so we will see what happens. I know clark is talking about doing it again so Im sure we'll see you again sometime. Thank You again so much.



I drove one of your cars at Richmond this past weekend and thought it was an excellent experience!

Overall, it was really fun! Haven driven twice before with 2 other companies, your company was far superior. None of them provide instruction, none had insurance policies, and both had pace cars to keep speeds well below an exciting level.

I will definitely drive again with your company and would appreciate it if you could email me notices for Richmond dates next year.

-Rob Bailey

I just wanted to thank you again for giving me an experience of a life time. I had a great time this past weekend at Bristol. That was one of the coolest things I ever done. Send a thank you to your staff, everyone was cool and helpful which made it a great day. I cant stop thinkin about it and I cant wait to do it again. I hope to make it an annual event. I've been tellin all my friends on base about it and about your organization. It will give me somethin to think about when I'm in the desert. So Thanks again and Take care. Hope to do business with you again.

Clark Elwarner

"I've attended many other driving experiences before, frankly I was getting bored by the pace cars, the slow paces, etc ... You guy's rock! ... You really let me race... I have never been so pumped in my life ... Thank you, thank you."


I just wanted to send you a message on how much fun and what at great experience I had at the Kansas Speedway this past Saturday. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and exceeded my expectations on all aspects of the experience. It is hard to put into words how much fun driving a race car was. I most enjoyed the ability of being allowed to pass the slower cars. I would have been bored if I was stuck behind a slow car for the duration of the session. The “reality” truly came into play when my right rear tire cut down when I was entering turn one. I had just let off the throttle when the tire went down, some how I managed to save the car without spinning out or hitting the wall. I now have some idea what the professional drivers go through to control the car with a tire goes. I limped back to the pits, the tire was changed and back to the track I went. This whole experience is something I’ll never forget. Hopefully I come back to do it again. Thanks for a great experience!!!

-Keith Davis

We can't thank you enough for the energy that you've given to our company ... This is becoming an annual event and winning the racing trip is a huge motivator for our sales force.

Thanks for another excellent driving experience! The radio equipment was working well this time, which made it a safer and more enjoyable drive. I am interested in your racing school at Old Dominion Speedway. I will not be able to make the upcoming one in June, but let me know when the next one after that will be and how much both the full and half days will cost. I have already run over a 100 laps on that track with TryIt Racing, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. I hope to acquire the necessary skills to enter some Saturday night races there.

Rob Bailey

To all of you at The Racing School:
After two rain outs at Loudon starting way back last October I finally got behind the wheel at the Thompson, CT track this past Saturday. What a great time!!!!! I've told everyone at work and even showed some video today at lunch. I think I've found a few "recruits" that are interested in trying their hands at it. That would be all the excuse I need to get back into the driver's seat. I hope to do it again sometime soon. I think it may be habit forming and I've already told my wife she could make it a yearly Birthday or Christmas present (or both). I especially enjoyed the one-on-one racing against Rick in the Pro-Stock cars. Tell him I want a rematch and this time I get choice of cars. Can any of your employees give me the hot tips on how to beat him, especially in the turns. I've always thought I wanted a race car and now I'm sure I want one. Any tips on how to get started if I turned this "want" into "I need a race car"? Pass along my thanks to all your employees for their friendly attitude and helpfulness. Can I become part of your crew someday when I retire? Ever thought of opening a "branch office" in Maine and maybe racing at one of the tracks up here?

Thanks again,
Tom Hennessey

My husband loved his experience he had when driving the "race car" last month at New Hampshire Int'l Speedway and wants to someday go back again. Now he knows what to expect and won't be as nervous. To watch the cars go by as a spectator in the pits, it didn't seem as if the cars were going that fast. Now he knows how the NASCAR drivers feel. Also, thank you for allowing us to take a picture of our car in victory lane. We were glad to see the weather had held out, it would have been a long wait till July. 

Sil & Diane

Thank you Jamie for the quick response and I will let Scott know that he can do that later in the year..... He will be thrilled!!!!.........We had an absolute blast that day!!! You made his father's day!!!!! You have a great business!!!!

Thanks again!!!